Bus Pass? You might need to read this…

Information about the renewal of older person’s standard Wiltshire concessionary bus pass

From 01 January 2019, not all bus passes will be renewed automatically. This is because there are approximately 20,000 passes in circulation that have not been scanned on a bus prior to renewal, indicating that the pass has not been used. In these cases, the passes will not be automatically renewed.

If your pass is not automatically renewed but you would still like to receive one to use in the future, please contact Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0100 and we can arrange for your new pass to be issued. Wiltshire Council regrets that any charges which may occur on bus journeys are non-refundable

3 thoughts on “Bus Pass? You might need to read this…

  1. Thanks Sarah, In London, buss passes are issued WEF age 60 for women, but in Wiltshire, it is based on state pension age (so anything up to 66 in our case). = post code lottery


  2. Dear Sarah,

    A perfect example as why we are an avid reader of The Keevil Buzz Feed!

    Many thanks

    Pauline and Ray

    Sent from my iPad



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