Martins Road Pond clearance

Message from Paul Lenaerts 9th August 2017

“You may remember that we have had a number of meetings with the MoD etc about clearing the vegetation covering the ditch which takes the overflow from the pond to the culvert under the airfield and thereby to a tributary of Semington Brook. The danger is that if this drainage system gets blocked, it could lead to flooding of Martins Road by the pond, and possibly, some of our properties.

The MoD have accepted that the airfield boundary side of the ditch is their responsibility and agreed to clear the whole ditch (where it borders the airfield) on a regular basis as goodwill.

Up until now, they haven’t actually done any work because of budget pressures but I have heard today that they think they have found a way to get it done.

So in the near future, farmer Chris Awdry (or one of his lads) will attempt to start this work using a mini digger (not sure exactly how !). So don’t worry if you hear some activity. They will be starting from the airfield end of the footpath from Martins Lane.”

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