Public Meetings: Wiltshire Council

You are invited to attend one of a series of meetings that Wiltshire Council is hosting to discuss the challenges that the council is facing and the impact that these could have.

The council currently spends around £900m each year on more than 300 services and has recently agreed a plan to deliver an ambitious programme of work over the next 10 years.

The council’s vision is to create strong communities, prioritising growing the economy, protecting those who are most vulnerable, and working with partners in an innovative and effective way.

Changing demographics and the continuing reduction in funding from central government mean we have to continue to find substantial savings and work even more closely with local communities to encourage and support them to do more for themselves.

The council’s cabinet members will be attending the meetings to discuss the challenges and to invite and listen to your views and suggestions on how these can be best managed.

The meetings are as follows, refreshemnts are available:

  • 5th September Salisbury City Hall 5.30pm
  • 14th September Chippenham Monkton Park 5.30pm
  • 25th September Trowbridge County Hall 5.30pm
  • 26th September Devizes Corn Exchange 5.30pm

We look forward to seeing you and hope that you will be able to join us. It would be extremely helpful if you could confirm your attendance by emailing

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