TSB customer? Be alert to fraudsters…

There has been an increase in reports in May by TSB customers relating to both 'port-out' fraud and phishing attacks. The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update, which resulted in 1.9 million users being locked out of their accounts. Opportunistic fraudsters are using TSB’s system issue … Continue reading TSB customer? Be alert to fraudsters…

Protect your email against criminals

  Email accounts contain more than just your emails, they contain a wealth of sensitive information. Criminals can use your email to reset passwords or obtain personal and financial information, such as your bank details, full address or DOB, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Secure your email account with two simple steps… 1 … Continue reading Protect your email against criminals

Be alert to Flight Ticket Fraud

ACTION FRAUD have issued a warning through the Wiltshire Community Messaging service concerning fraudsters who attempt to entice victims looking for cheap flights abroad. Victims have reported booking tickets via websites or a “popular” ticket broker, only to discover that after payment via bank transfer or electronic wire transfer, the tickets/booking references received are counterfeit. … Continue reading Be alert to Flight Ticket Fraud

Phantom Debt Fraud

Action Fraud has recently experienced an increase in the number of calls to members of the public by fraudsters requesting payments for a “phantom” debt. The fraud involves being cold-called by someone purporting to be a debt collector, bailiff or other type of enforcement agent. The fraudster may claim to be working under instruction of … Continue reading Phantom Debt Fraud

Fake Grant Fraud Alert…!

Individuals and businesses are being warned to watch out for cold calls and online contact from fraudsters who are offering victims the opportunity to apply for Government grants for an advance fee. To make the grants look legitimate fraudsters have set up bogus companies and convincing looking websites that claim to be operating on behalf … Continue reading Fake Grant Fraud Alert…!