Souvenir KEEVIL JUBILEE MUGS now available for order…

Designed by a villager, these LIMITED EDITION Keevil Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 Mugs are a fabulous souvenir to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in our wonderful village. Made of beautiful bone china and only £6.50 each, these unique souvenirs will be delivered to you as soon as they arrive in Keevil. All orders and enquiries are via Pat Tucker or Alex Goodwin

There are also some FREE JUBILEE TREES left, do get in touch with Alex if you’d like some…
Details of these and all Jubilee Happenings here.

5 thoughts on “Souvenir KEEVIL JUBILEE MUGS now available for order…

  1. Unbelievable. These mugs were commissioned by Caroline and Ginny. They had the idea to give a free one to each child in the village and sell the others to finance them. They have paid for them personally. You have now stolen the idea and the design and advertised identical mugs for sale in advance of the jubilee.

    At the same time Caroline and Ginny organised an event on the Rec on Jubilee Day and you then decide to stage a similar event the day before and presume to charge villagers to enter their own Rec to attend it.

    I can’t begin to understand the mindset behind this. Utterly disgraceful and highly revealing.


    1. Hi Malcolm – I suggest you contact Alex as these appear complimentary independent initiatives.

      The village website will happily publish details of other village initiative as they come.


      1. That is simply untrue. Ginny and Caroline approached the Parish Council to inform them of their plans, the Parish Council then hijacked them.

        Do you honestly expect people to believe that you have independently come up with an identically designed mug and decided to offer it for sale in advance of the Jubilee or decided it would be a great idea to stage a Jubilee event in the Rec the day before the Jubilee?

        Do you honestly think people are that gullible?


    1. By members of the Parish Council who were made aware of what Caroline, Ginny and Pat Bartholomew were doing because they wrote to the Parish Council explaining it.


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