Motorsport activity on the Airfield…

Residents will probably be aware of the plan for motorsport activity on Keevil Airfield this year: the British Army Motorsport Association (BAMA) have proposed a programme of 11 Track Days from March through to December. Paul Lenaerts initiated a petition saying that to go from two or three days to 11 was too much because of the noise disturbance to residents.

Paul says: “Many thanks to those who signed the petition and apologies from me that I didn’t get around to everyone who might have liked to sign.

However, it seemed to do the trick because Major General Simon Hutchings (who is President of BAMA) offered to come to the Parish Council Meeting on 7th March to put the case for Track Days and gauge feeling in the village.

Unfortunately, Simon can’t now make that meeting but he has agreed to come to a special meeting which has been arranged for 7.30pm on Tuesday 5th April in the Village Hall, and I did have a brief meeting with him last Friday to find a way forward.

The first two Track Days are planned for Tuesday 8th March and Friday 25th March and have been licenced by Wiltshire Council. I could have ‘stuck my oar in’ and said this wasn’t right  because there has been no consultation with the Village, but being pragmatic – and bearing in mind that there must be a lot of new residents who haven’t experienced a Track Day event, I thought it was best to agree to these and then have a debate on the 5th April to gauge the strength of feeling.

So if you are at home this Tuesday and/or Friday 25th March, please see what you think of the noise, then come along with your views on 5th April.”

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