More Music in Keevil!

Harvest Supper 2018-4072Do you think Keevil needs more music?
Do you play a musical instrument?
Are you interested in forming a community band ?

Judy Jackson and Karl Link have been meeting up recently with their sax and accordion, and wonder whether anyone else would like to join in with them to form a wider group. The idea is to get together and play every month, making music and having fun as friends..

Judy would provide music in parts, so the ability to read music and play to an intermediate level would be an advantage. All instruments welcome.

The first session is planned for November 8th at 7.30pm – if you are interested please ring Judy Jackson 01380 870765 for more details…

One thought on “More Music in Keevil!

  1. Good for Karl!

    We hope it takes off. You always need more music wherever you go. Good for the spirit.

    We wish we lived closer and we could join you. I (Gerry) recently re-started singing with Malvern Male Voice Choir and already sung in four concerts!

    Want a second tenor?

    All the best

    Gerry Taggart ( Team Sapper)

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