Electoral review of Wiltshire Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is currently conducting an electoral review of Wiltshire Council. This will first determine the overall council size, followed by determination of the shape of electoral divisions.

Wiltshire Council made a submission to the LGBCE arguing that the most appropriate council size moving forward was 99, an increase of 1 from the present position. In particular the fundamental role of community area boards was highlighted.

The LGBCE has requested that Wiltshire Council provide some supplementary evidence in support of its submission, and therefore the public consultation on division boundaries has been delayed from the previously announced dates. A decision on council size is now expected by the end of August.

The LGBCE may decide to maintain the council at its present size, increase it, or decrease it. Whatever the outcome division boundaries will change significantly due to changes in electorate patterns, which may have an impact on the present composition of community area boards – including the number of councillors representing the community area and which parishes are included within a community area.

Parishes will be informed when the LGBCE consultation on new divisions begins, and are
encouraged to make representations to the LGBCE when it has. However, the Electoral Review Committee of Wiltshire Council is very keen to hear any views parishes may have while it prepares its supplementary submission. If these are to be considered ahead of the next submission these would need to be received by 20 June, although any comments received after this date will be of assistance to the committee in relation to the next stage of the review.

See the article on the Parish Council newsletter here

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