Help Stamp Out Illegal Hare Coursing

The National Farmers Union in Wiltshire is working with the police to try and reduce the incidence of hare coursing across the county. This activity (where dogs are released to chase and kill wild hare for the purpose of betting) is illegal and, alongside the environmental crime, involves trespass, criminal damage and threatening/ intimidating behaviour to farmers and landowners.

As part of the NFU’s wider work with the police, signs have been produced for farmers to place around their property to raise awareness with the general public that this activity is illegal, and seek their support in reporting incidents or suspicious activity to the police.

Hare CoursingIn order to help spread awareness, Keevil Parish, along with other Wiltshire Parishes, supports the NFU’s new signage. Please feel free to download and display these PDFs – they are the same, just different colour versions.

It is hoped that a greater awareness amongst the public, coupled with more visible signage to the perpetrators, will help demonstrate that Wiltshire will not tolerate this crime and encourage coursers to go elsewhere.

Find out more about the impacts of hare coursing and other rural crime issues:

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