Members of the Transport & Bus Working Group are as follows, please feel free to get in touch at any time:

  • Simon Newton:
  • Michael Braund
  • Janet Hopkins
  • Helen Jones
  • Norman Owen
  • Geoff West
  • Janet White

Final Report to Keevil Parish Council March 1st 2021

After extensive discussions, and consideration of a number of ideas, the majority of the group feels that it has met its original remit.

  • Bus service: There was little the group could do to affect bus timetables, which seemed to be one of the main issues raised in the village survey.
  • Minibus service: After considerable research, the group concluded the village could not afford its own mini-bus or feasibly partner with an existing service.
  • Help-a-friend: At the time, there were few offers of volunteer drivers from residents, and neither did there seem to be an overwhelming needThe group intended to revisit this, including stronger promotion of the initiative, DBS checks and insurance cover.
  • The village website was updated to include more links to existing services, including bus timetables, taxi services that had offered special rates for Keevil residents, and the Trowbridge Area Community Link Scheme.

Some feel the position should be kept under review. Thanks to Covid-19 many things have changed in the last year, and as we gradually emerge from the pandemic the way we move around and rely on one another for help has evolved. The taxi services will also need review from time to time.

In addition, a number of accessibility issues around the village have come to light in the last year, including footpaths to amenities, access to the Post Box on Martins Road, and other paths and pavements around the village presenting difficulties to mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and so on.

It therefore recommends that:
  1. There are currently no requests to be made of the Parish Council in line with its original remit, and the group should now be wound up.
  2. A new group is formed with a remit to review accessibility concerns, as well as monitor pertinent transport matters on an ongoing basis. Given the timing, however, this should be a matter for the incoming Council to consider after the May elections.


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