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Saturday 26th October 2019
Steeple Ashton Village Hall
7.30pm (doors open at 7pm for refreshments)

Directed by Trevor Nunn, Red Joan is based on the novel of the same name written by Jennie Rooney, which was inspired by the life of Melita Norwood.

The novel is a fictionalized account of Melita Norwood’s life. As a young woman, she worked at the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association as a Secretary and supplied the Soviet Union with nuclear secrets, undetected for decades.

The central character, Joan Stanley (Dame Judi Dench), a widow, is living in contented retirement in a picturesque village in England when her tranquil existence is shattered when she is arrested by MI5. She is charged with providing classified scientific information to the Soviet government. As her interrogation progresses, Joan relives the dramatic events that shaped her life and her beliefs.

In the 1930s, the young Joan (Sophie Cookson), is a physics student at Cambridge University. She becomes involved with Communists and radical politics through her friend Sonya (Tereza Srbova) and Leo, a Russian saboteur (Tom Hughes). Her story is revealed in flashbacks as Joan is questioned. Joan has been hiding an incredible past.

We have been asked to remind our audience that we are required to ensure that the film we are showing is suitable for all members of our audience. We, therefore, ask that our audience check the film’s certification before bringing any younger members to our showings. Thank you.

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