Saturday 18th November: HAMPSTEAD 12a

SA Films]Steeple Ashton Village Hall
7.30 pm (doors open at 7 pm for refreshments)

Emily (Diane Keaton), an American widow, lives in a converted mansion beside Hampstead Heath. Living on the Heath itself, in a hut he has built himself, is Donald (Brendan Gleeson), a scruffy hermit who just wants to be left alone. Emily’s snobbish friends, led by Fiona (Lesley Manville) call him The Tramp. The local council want him gone so that the land can be developed. They send threatening letters which he tears up. But Emily is drawn to his predicament and gradually a relationship develops…

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Tickets £6 available at the Steeple Ashton Village Shop or can be reserved by ringing Alison Wilson on 01380 871345