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Saturday 20th July 2019
Steeple Ashton Village Hall
7.30pm (doors open at 7pm for refreshments)

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and directed by Carl Hunter, this is a British film starring Bill Nighy with an impressive supporting cast including Jenny Agutter and Tim McInnerny. Who would have thought that a mystery film could evolve around the game of Scrabble?

Bill Nighy plays Alan, a retired Merseyside tailor. Alan is a quiet, intelligent man who has retreated into habits and eccentricities to shield himself from the cares of the world. Long ago, Alan’s elder son left home and never returned. Alan has searched for him for decades, a quest that affected his other son, Peter (Sam Riley) who feels that he was always second-best.

Alan is fixated on one thing in particular, the fact that his son stormed out over an argument about a word during a game of Scrabble. Now Alan is obsessed with playing Scrabble and he has become a master of the game. Playing Scrabble online, Alan encounters a virtual opponent whose style he recognises – and who uses the word that caused the rift at the time. He wonders if perhaps someone is trying to get in touch?

“A beautiful film. A story about a family struggling to connect after loss. Quirky set designs and visually beautiful. The cinematography and scenes are sumptuous – all to beautiful effect. The soundtrack uses silence deliberately and effectively. All of the small cast of characters deliver strong, emotive, individual performances. The film is quirky but is beautifully consistent, and never falls over. Bill Nighy anchors the film with his strong, flawed and complex character role. A first class directorial debut. I could see it again.”

We have been asked to remind our audience that we are required to ensure that the film we are showing is suitable for all members of our audience. We, therefore, ask that our audience check the film’s certification before bringing any younger members to our showings. Thank you.

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Tickets £6 available at the Steeple Ashton Village Shop or can be reserved by ringing Alison Wilson on 01380 871345