In spite of the exceptionally hot summer and the quiet holiday month of August the business of local government goes on. Wiltshire Council tends not to hold public and committee meetings in August but many Town and Parish Councils do hold an August meeting as local issues need local resolution.

This summer we have all enjoyed the sunny weather but it has had a down side. Farmers have soon got over the excellent hay making weather in June and are now having to feed that hay because of drought conditions and a lack of grass. The scorched “grass” is also very liable to catch fire if a single spark touches it which is why many organisations have placed restrictions on portable outdoor barbeques. Last month Wiltshire Council also voted in a long overdue ban on Sky Lanterns on its land which will help reduce fire risk and risk to animals.

Around our County there is much to enjoy over the summer. Salisbury and Amesbury are moving forward after the tragic nerve gas issue and really trying to take their city and town onwards and upwards with a threat that is officially described as “Low”. The more we can all do to help by visiting these areas for shopping or enjoying a meal the better for our local economy.

Elsewhere there are the usual summer town parties and village fetes which give local people the chance to get together and enjoy all that is best about English community life. Villagers are missing the old Keevil Fete already so who knows what may happen in the future. A special place is also reserved for our exceptional carnivals which really gives communities a chance to show themselves off and again boost the local economy.

One administrative issue is that Wiltshire Council have sent out household enquiry forms to around 220,000 households across the county as Wiltshire Electoral Services launches its annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is up to date. Residents are urged to return their responses online if they can – although they are also welcome to return the form by post in the pre-paid envelope provided with the form.

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About Wiltshire Council

Whilst the Parish Council is the first tier of local government, the second tier (and only other in Wiltshire) is the unitary authority, Wiltshire Council. Keevil and the villages of Bulkington, Great Hinton, Poulshot, Seend, Semington, and Steeple Ashton form the electoral Division of ‘Summerham and Seend’.

October 2017: Read the Introduction to the new 10 Year Plan for Wiltshire in this Challenges and Opportunities presentation: Challenges and opportunities ahead meetings – Sept18 (lbv3)

Your elected member on Wiltshire Council is Councillor Jonathon Seed (Conservative), who represents the Summerham and Seend division. He is also Portfolio Holder for Flooding and Military Covenant. See his full details here, including attendance records, register of interests, and committee appointments.

You can contact Councillor Jonathon Seed by:
Post: ‘Wayside’, Chittoe Heath, Bromham, Wiltshire, SN15 2EH
Telephone: 01380 850696 or mobile 07770 774463
Via his own website or Facebook Page Councillor Jonathon Seed.

Contact Wiltshire Council itself on 0300 456 0100 or visit

There is a full list of Wiltshire Councillors here, plus all associated information.

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