November seems to have become a month of autumn rather than winter as our climate seems to adjust or change its seasons. This produces inevitable change to the way local government does business. Leaves fall well into December whereas in bygone years the “fall” was associated with earlier months. The combination of leaves and heavy rain often produce very local flooding as smaller drains struggle to cope with newly running water through drains that have been inactive for months and leaves join other detritus to cause a blockage and local flooding. The local solution to this very local problem is being adopted throughout Wiltshire and this is for locals to identify these critical and potentially difficult drains and quietly pull back the leaves on a morning walk. Many towns and villages have Flood Wardens as well as public spirited locals who have “adopted” specific drains and this makes a huge difference to flood alleviation and saves countless properties from flooding. These local initiatives are British public spirit at its best and are growing and Keevil Flood team under the able leadership of Paul Lenaerts are the best of the best.

Local recognition of the need to take on local issues and services is also gaining national recognition. Wiltshire Council has been at the forefront of organising its finances in such a way that we can both live within our means and deliver local services. This is an increasing challenge in a period where central government is continuing to cut local funding and the demands of the vulnerable on the remaining funds increase. Councils are having to spend well over 70% of their budgets on adult social care and children’s services for the vulnerable leaving less and less for the services that are used by the vast majority of the population. Wiltshire Council has encouraged the next and very local tier of local government, i.e. Towns and Parishes, to take on services that it cannot hope to continue to deliver in the current financial climate. That is why services such as public toilets (now rates free thanks to the latest Budget), local grass cutting, local parks etc. are being passed to towns and parishes by Wiltshire Council. Sure this often means a small increase in local precept to pay for these services but it does at least mean that these local services that local people want will continue to be delivered. This process has recently achieved national recognition with the Local Government Minister singling out Wiltshire as an exemplar for finding new ways of delivering important local services in partnership with local Councils.

On 11 November we stood still to remember the fallen who gave their lives so that we may enjoy our freedoms. This Remembrance Sunday happened to coincide with the silence that fell over the Western Front exactly one hundred years ago and all of our local communities were able to spend time focussing on just what that meant to our towns and villages on this very poignant day.

Finally, as you read this, our thoughts will be turning to Christmas and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all local residents of Keevil a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Whilst the Parish Council is the first tier of local government, the second tier (and only other in Wiltshire) is the unitary authority, Wiltshire Council. Keevil and the villages of Bulkington, Great Hinton, Poulshot, Seend, Semington, and Steeple Ashton form the electoral Division of ‘Summerham and Seend’.

October 2017: Read the Introduction to the new 10 Year Plan for Wiltshire in this Challenges and Opportunities presentation: Challenges and opportunities ahead meetings – Sept18 (lbv3)

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