Our elected member on Wiltshire Council is Councillor Jonathon Seed (Conservative), who represents the Summerham and Seend division. See his full details here, including attendance records, register of interests, and committee appointments.


We have now endured seven weeks of lockdown in a bid to beat the deadly COVID-19 virus. All of our lives have changed and sadly there have been fatalities. However the Prime Ministers announcement of safe progress on lockdown are very welcome and it is good to see our Government here in England showing the same respect to the people that the people have shown to Government and their lock down rules. None of us(including the Government) really know how this crisis will move forward but we must at least try to move forward safely. Hopefully the latest rules will allow just a tiny bit more “normality” as we edge towards that goal.

In local Government Wiltshire Council continues to operate, albeit in a very low key mode and with the operational lead taken by officers of the Council. The main aim is to look after the vulnerable and shielded in our society and this has proved to be incredibly costly with reports of a “black hole” in excess of £25million being opened up in the finances of the Council. At some stage the Councillors who are responsible for the Council will have to account for the control of this spending we must assume that robust fiscal controls were in place. Inevitably there will be a financial spending review in the near future.

Wiltshire Council has also been cautious in the introduction of virtual accountability and in spite of central Government moving quickly to allow virtual meetings the fist tier of Wiltshire local government has been overtaken by many Parish Councils in local democracy. Locally, I congratulate Seend and Poulshot Parish Councils for their excellent Zoom Parish Council meetings and it is of note that these meetings were attended by many more local residents than would have attended in the village hall. As in many aspects of our current lives there are some definite advantages to the COVID way of working which we will need to consider as we move out of the crisis .

Finally I am getting expressions of concern from residents at the very quick removal of services by Wiltshire Council and the slower reintroduction of socially distanced services, again in spite of Government encouragement to do so. Our first priority must always be to look after the vulnerable in our society but we must also not lose sight of providing a service to those who pay for all of the services a Council has responsibility to deliver. Included in this list of services are Household Recycling Centres which have reopened albeit in a very limited way.

As your local Wiltshire Councillor I will continue to hold the administration of Wiltshire Council to account on your behalf – as soon as the Council introduces a virtual system to do so!

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If you need to contact me I am always happy to help, all the ways you can get in touch are below:

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Whilst the Parish Council is the first tier of local government, the second tier (and only other in Wiltshire) is the unitary authority, Wiltshire Council. Keevil and the villages of Bulkington, Great Hinton, Poulshot, Seend, Semington, and Steeple Ashton form the electoral Division of ‘Summerham and Seend’.

October 2017: Read the Introduction to the new 10 Year Plan for Wiltshire in this Challenges and Opportunities presentation: Challenges and opportunities ahead meetings – Sept18 (lbv3)

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