March heralds spring and looking forward to Easter and by now the daffodils will have emerged and be in full bloom. However, there is also some emerging progress in the local and hopefully national political scene. Budget and Brexit have been looming large on our political horizon and by now both ought to have been put to bed. The Wiltshire Council Budget has emerged as a balanced budget with virtually no opposition after several months of hard work by Councillors and their officer teams. The almost total cross party support for this process means that Wiltshire Council has managed to make progress on its delivery of front line services at a time when other Councils are having very serious difficulty. This is largely because of the care with which finance has been managed by the Council over many years. So successful have the Council been in managing these finances that in the forthcoming financial year significant extra funding has been made available for road highways maintenance.

We have also had the first decisions from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England on their electoral review of the Wiltshire Council area. The good news is that they have accepted the all-party recommendation of Wiltshire Council to keep the number of Council seats the same at 98, albeit with more electors, and to keep most of the Area Board boundaries intact. The bad news is that there are some areas that the Commission have come up with ideas for change that are not entirely logical. So it is worthwhile having a look at these plans and seeing whether they affect you and if so make a comment on the Consultation to committee@wiltshire.gov.uk by 19th April when the consultation closes. Unconnected to this is the opening of a review of polling stations and polling districts. This review may well affect where you vote and whether your town or village retains its current polling station(s) so it is important to look at this and register your views in the consultation which closes on 25 May. All the detail on this electoral stuff and how to comment in the consultations is easily accessed through the Wiltshire Council Website.

The Police and Crime Panel for Swindon and Wiltshire is there to hold the Police and Crime Commissioner to account but in particular to approve (or decline to approve) any proposed police precept increase. Recently the Panel was able to effect a change on the use of the proposed increase in precept. The Panel agreed that there were valid reasons for the increase, including an extra £2.25 million being passed on by central government for our local police area to pay in local police pensions. However as a member of the Panel I urged the Commissioner to provide more local police officers and the Commissioner agreed to the lobbying and is to provide 26 additional community police officers. This is local democracy at work and was achieved with strong representation by your Wiltshire Councillor and cross Party support.

With all this cross party cooperation in Wiltshire perhaps Parliament could learn a thing or two from the way our Councillors work together to deliver solutions for the Community we represent!

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About Wiltshire Council

Whilst the Parish Council is the first tier of local government, the second tier (and only other in Wiltshire) is the unitary authority, Wiltshire Council. Keevil and the villages of Bulkington, Great Hinton, Poulshot, Seend, Semington, and Steeple Ashton form the electoral Division of ‘Summerham and Seend’.

October 2017: Read the Introduction to the new 10 Year Plan for Wiltshire in this Challenges and Opportunities presentation: Challenges and opportunities ahead meetings – Sept18 (lbv3)

Your elected member on Wiltshire Council is Councillor Jonathon Seed (Conservative), who represents the Summerham and Seend division. He is also Portfolio Holder for Flooding and Military Covenant. See his full details here, including attendance records, register of interests, and committee appointments.

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Post: ‘Wayside’, Chittoe Heath, Bromham, Wiltshire, SN15 2EH
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Email: jonathon.seed@wiltshire.gov.uk
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Contact Wiltshire Council itself on 0300 456 0100 or visit www.wiltshire.gov.uk

There is a full list of Wiltshire Councillors here, plus all associated information.

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