A NOTE FROM YOUR LOCAL FARMERS: Sam Awdry, Brian Baggs, Fran Banfield, Steve Fry, Tom Groves, Rodney Meatyard, Rob Noad and Martin Tyler

September 2020

We appreciate it has been a difficult year for everyone with lockdown meaning that many more people have been using the local countryside for exercise.

Thankyou to the majority of people and dog owners who have respected our wonderful countryside. However, as always, there has unfortunately been multiple occasions of people off the public rights of way, trespassing wherever they please on private land, often with dogs off the lead.

As your neighbours, we please ask that you respect our private land around public rights of way the same way you would wish your private property to be respected.

Our fields are our livelihoods and businesses, therefore being very valuable to us. People away from footpaths can cause damage to grass and crops. Dogs off leads can cause stress to grazing livestock and disturbance to the wildlife which we all like to protect and care for.

We simply ask if you are unsure of the footpaths route please look at a map before you leave home. Do not be tempted to take short cuts through private land, leave all gates as you find them and clean up after your pet.

We would like to thank those of you that do stay on footpaths and keep dogs on leads; it is very much appreciated and equally does not go unnoticed.

Please have respect for the countryside that we all like to enjoy.

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