31 October 2018: Notification of Airfield exercise using blank ammunition

During the next major exercise on Keevil Airfield, residents may hear gunfire emanating from the vicinity of the airfield. This is a blank firing element of the exercise and vital to its success. The schedule is for the activity to take place during the nights of the 13th, 15th and 17th November. I hope that this does not cause too much disturbance and thank you for your continued support for what we do at Keevil Airfield.

FS Keith Thomson | Airfield Assurance | Ops Wing | RAF Brize Norton | CARTERTON | Oxon OX18 3LX |

Military Flying Activity: Local training schedule

Planned military flying times at Keevil airfield are published on RAF Brize Norton – they have changed their website recently, so CLICK HERE for Flying Info and scroll to the bottom of the page for LOCAL SCHEDULED TRAINING SORTIES where you can download a PDF of the latest schedule for Keevil.

September 2018: Static Display of Aircraft on Keevil Airfield

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